How to take care of your skin from the inside with a DIY “Green Juice”

Taking care of your skin with natural products? We say yes please! 

Did you know that some everyday ingredients can effectively contribute to your skin's hydration and well-being? Some yummy fruits and veggies are great remedies for ageing skin and acne prone skin. 

For now, we will focus on acne. The skin is an emunctory, which means it eliminates toxins and waste from inside our bodies. More precisely, it is an emergency emunctory, meaning if the principal organs we have that are meant to do this process are saturated, our skin will pick up the slack. 

For example, if you drink too much alcohol or eat too much cheese and your liver can’t handle it, your skin is likely to pay the price. This is why we encourage you to watch your diet if you are looking after your skin. This doesn’t mean controlling everything you put in your mouth and cutting out all the sweeter things in life, but do keep an eye out for those yummy foods and ingredients that are great for your skin and wellbeing, such as fruits, veggies and nuts.


You can mix up this recipe to your taste, but I personally prefer the following: green apples, cucumber and ginger or celery. Easy to find, easy to make, and delicious to drink! 

Apples have a high vitamin C content, which is a powerful antioxidant and works to tighten up the skin. Cucumber is very rich in vitamins and minerals, and it calms internal inflammation and helps regenerate your skin. Finally, ginger brings that strong energising taste and is an amazing booster for your immune system. It contains potassium, manganese, vitamin B6 and antioxidants. What a combo! If you don’t like the taste of ginger, celery is a great replacement as it is filled with vitamin K that helps with blood flow circulation. 

You will ideally need a juicer to extract all the good stuff. It is a great investment if you want to make your own juices more often as the combo options are limitless. (We’ll make sure to share a smoothie recipe next time that you can make with your mixer instead!) 

In the meantime, here’s the recipe for two tall glasses of green juice for your next “me day”! I personally drink one every morning.

  • 1 whole cucumber
  • 2 organic green apples
  • 1 piece of ginger - you can adjust the quantity to your liking
  • Or a piece of celery if you are not keen on ginger. 

That’s it, you have everything you need to give this a go and let us know what you think. 

Disclaimer: everyone's skin is different, and you need to find a routine that works for you. Causes of acne can vary greatly and what works for us may not work for you, but it definitely can’t hurt to have a go making this tasty drink. 

Happy juicing! 

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J’ai reçu ma centrifugeuse hier et testé cette recette aujourd’hui : bonne nouvelle que ces ingrédients soient bon pour la peau car c’était délicieux!! Hâte d’être demain pour boire l’autre moitié 😋 Merci @thebiotyhouse

Camille May 07, 2020

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