A trio of ingredients for a powerful overnight hair mask

Another weekend at home… but the good news is, we all have the time to give ourselves a little TLC. What better time than this to whip up a new recipe and try out new ingredients!

Today, we are going to share an easy recipe you can do every week (or every other week) to deep condition your hair. This one helps with hair growth, nourishes brittle and dry hair, and helps protect your scalp. It is suitable for all hair types.

Three simple ingredients are enough to make this efficient mask:

- Coconut oil: full of fatty acids that promote shine. It also helps soothe your scalp and prevent dandruff, adds moisture to your strands and fights those split ends.

- Castor oil: rich in fatty acids, it helps promote hair growth and deeply nourishes and protects your hair and scalp, leaving your hair shiny and smooth.

- Rosemary essential oil: not commonly used for hair care, it is a great ingredient to add to your recipes. It is believed to stimulate hair growth with its anti-inflammatory properties that help improve circulation, while also helping to prevent dandruff.

We all have different hair and some of us don’t do well with coconut oil, but that’s okay, as we have suggested a couple of alternative options. You can try another carrier oil such as avocado oil or sweet almond oil. Avocado oil is very rich in oleic acid and monounsaturated fats, that means it can really penetrate your hair strands and deeply moisturise your hair. Sweet almond oil on the other hand is rich in vitamins B and E, which are known to promote hair growth and repair hair follicles to help keep them healthy. Both are great oils to fight an itchy scalp and prevent dandruff!


Add the following to a bowl:

  • a large spoonful of preferably organic cold pressed coconut oil
  • a large spoonful of castor oil
  • 4 to 5 drops of rosemary essential oil.

Mix them up and you’re ready to go! (If you need more, double or triple each dose proportionally.)

Note: coconut oil can become hard if stored in a cooler environment, if this happens just let the bottle or jar sit in hot water in your sink for a few minutes and you’ll be good to go. Once mixed with the thick castor oil it will smoothen out your ingredients. 

Apply your mixture from root to tip all over your head and don’t be afraid to take five minutes and reward yourself with a much deserved and beneficial scalp massage. There’s nothing better to help stimulate blood flow and boost your circulation. Apply a slight pressure with your fingertips and move slowly in small circular motions. Do not roughly scratch with your head with your nails, as this will only irritate your scalp.

You can leave it on for one hour before washing and conditioning your hair, but the longer it is left on the better the results. Some say leaving it overnight works wonders for their hair. Just tie your hair up, put a shower cap and wrap it up with a head towel to prevent the oil ruining your pillow. Shampoo in the morning; you might need to shampoo your hair twice to remove all the product, depending on your hair type.


Try it out and let us know how it worked out for you!

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