Why do you need a Kindd Fridge?

While refrigerating beauty products is now taking the western world by storm, the practice of cooling cosmetics has been deeply rooted in Korean and Japanese beauty culture for centuries. Now the secret is out, we are happy to introduce a must-have for your beauty regime, the Kindd Fridge!


What are the benefits of refrigerating cosmetic products? 

Firstly, a cooler environment vastly extends the shelf life of your products and prevents harmful bacterial growth, meaning that your products last for much longer. Many factors contribute to the aging of your products: light, humidity, moisture, air and heat. Storing your products on shelves in your bathroom can be detrimental as the change in room temperature when you shower can alter their efficiency. Storing your products in regular kitchen fridges can damage them as the temperature settings are much too low, and products may pick up the smells from perishable foods. The solution is the Kindd Fridge, as it has a set temperature of 10 degrees Celsius which is the optimum temperature for storing cosmetics. 

Secondly, skin readily absorbs and retains beauty products that have been chilled, making them much more efficient, enabling the reduction of redness and puffiness, and improving blood circulation. 

Thirdly, the calming and soothing effect on your skin feels like an indulgent spa day treatment, so your beauty regime becomes a luxurious and pampering everyday experience.

The Kindd Fridge lengthens the lifespan and efficiency of cosmetic products, so you have to restock them much less frequently. This means you spend significantly less money and cut down on disposable waste, making your regime much more environmentally friendly.

All in all, what's not to like? 


What can I store in my Kindd Fridge? 

At KINDD we are huge advocates of DIY recipes as they are totally natural and contain no nasties, yielding terrific results for your skin and hair (check out our blog for some super simple tips and tricks). However, as these don't contain preservatives or chemicals they can spoil much more quickly and see a greater growth of bacteria when left out in a warm environment. Rapid oxidation can also occur when your products are left out in the open, and homemade scrubs can easily accumulate moisture and start to generate mould.

There are some natural products that should not be refrigerated: coconut oil, clays and some oil-based moisturisers. Vitamin E is a natural preservative so products containing this can also be omitted. We advise that you check the ingredient lists and instructions of any products that may contain these to see if they can be stored in your skincare fridge. 

There is also a growing number of inspiring brands focusing on organic and natural cosmetics containing less preservatives or no preservatives at all, such as Lush and Tara Harper. These act in much the same way as your DIY recipes, and by exposing them to warm or humid environments they can become defective, or at worst cause skin complications such as acne or skin irritations.

Products that contain a high number of active ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol or sunscreen (SPF) will also benefit from being stored in a dark and cool place. These active ingredients can easily lose their potency if exposed to sunlight and warmer temperatures: vitamin C and retinol can oxidise in the open air, and the efficiency of your sunscreen can radically decline if it is not stored correctly, which could lead to your skin being at risk from sun exposure.


What are the other benefits of storing cosmetics in a skincare fridge?

Purchased products go through rigorous testing to ensure they last the test of time and are much less likely to deteriorate in warmer temperatures. But there are many other reasons why they benefit from refrigeration, from boosting their efficiency to ensuring a higher level of comfort and luxury upon application.

  • Facial mists and sheet masks are much more soothing when they are chilled, and can help to soothe your skin at warmer times of the year. Cold facial mists can actually act as a remedy for rosacea by helping to reduce redness, and refrigerating your sheet masks leads to a cooler and calmer complexion.
  • Applying a cold eye cream in the morning can aid vasoconstriction, which prevents puffiness by restricting the flow of liquid to the area beneath your eyes.
  • Balm formulas melt at body temperature, so by storing these in your Kindd Fridge you prevent the oils and waxes within the formula from separating.
  • Gels and oils (such as aloe vera gel and rosehip oil) help to soothe any swelling or inflammation and boost your skin's glow. Essential oils can oxidize at room temperature, as can massage and carrier oils, so refrigerating these vastly lengthens their lifespan. 
  • Nail varnish is much less likely to clump and dry out when cooler air maintains the integrity of the solvents inside, lending itself to easier application right down to the last drop.
  • The scent of perfume is retained for significantly longer, and the therapeutic benefit of applying cold perfume to your skin feels wonderful.
  • Facial tools, such as jade rollers, gua shas and under eye pads gain maximum de-puffing and anti-aging effects and boost blood circulation when used straight out of the Kindd Fridge. 
  • Storing your lipsticks, eyeliners and mascaras in the Kindd Fridge in the summer prevents them from melting away, clumping up or drying up too quickly, and allows for a much cleaner and easier application. In particular, waterproof and long-lasting mascaras and eyeliners contain volatile active, and if left unchilled are prone to drying out much more rapidly. 


How will a beauty fridge benefit me?

The Kindd Fridge is the perfect companion for all of your beauty products. In addition to extending the shelf life of your favourite natural products, your skin will thank you for the soothing effects of chilling creams, masks and sprays. Say goodbye to redness, puffiness and irritation, and welcome in a new age of glowing skin and a radiant complexion. By storing your products in a skincare fridge you will make the most of every drop and dollop of your DIY and expensive cosmetics, saving you money and reducing the amount of waste from packaging and containers. Be kind to the environment and be kind to your skin. Be your own Kindd of beautiful.

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