Hello, and welcome to KINDD

We are Jess and Jess, the founders and creators.

We established KINDD in early 2020, as we both have a love and passion for natural skin and hair care. We realised that no matter your skin or hair type, using products containing natural ingredients can make you look and feel incredible.


Whilst working on our personal natural skincare routines we very quickly realised the importance of using a cosmetic fridge, in order to keep our products safe and cool, while also relishing in the pampering effects of chilled products on a day-to-day basis. It’s so important to make time for self-care and treat it as a time of indulgence.

To us, Kindd has many meanings – we should treat our planet
with kindness, treat our bodies with kindness, and always feel
like one of a kind!

We truly believe in the power of nature, and would love to empower you to join our natural skincare movement.

Check out our Products page for our eco-friendly skincare and accessories, or head to our Blog to read about helpful tips and recipes that you can whip up at home.

Be your own Kindd of beautiful.

Jess and Jess