Luxe skincare fridge | Frigo cosmétique | The KINDD Fridge


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Store your favourite cosmetics and natural beauty products in the KINDD Fridge, the new must-have addition to your skincare routine.

Practical and innovative, this mini skincare fridge allows you to keep all your beauty products in an optimal condition. Creams, serums, aloe vera gel, active ingredients and more... in the KINDD Fridge's cool interior the properties of your most sensitive products are preserved to make the most of all their benefits! 

Keep your beauty products safe and fresh

Best storage temperature for cosmetics (10C°)

Many skincare and cosmetic products contain ingredients which are sensitive to sunlight and warm environments. By storing your beauty products in the KINDD Fridge, you can extend their shelf life and eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria.
The KINDD Fridge adds an element of luxury to your everyday routine. Pop in your favourite natural products, moisturisers, perfume and make-up, and enjoy a pampering experience as your products cool, de-puff and soothe your skin.


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Fridge information

  • Dimensions: 27 x 25 x 42 cm
  • Storage: 12L
  • Temperature: 10C°
  • Power: 100~240v, 50/60Hz